FlavorCloud Shipping For WooCommerce


FlavorCloud and Woocommerce Integration Plugin

This plugin includes everything you need to get started using FlavorCloud on your WooCommerce Shop. Live Rates from FlavorCloud, Tax and Duties, Advanced 4D Box Packer, Print label and required documents right from the WooCommerce edit order screen.


Get LIVE international shipping rates from FlavorCloud on the WooCommerce *cart and checkout pages.


Customs duties and taxes can be added to the order total automatically so there are no surprises to your customers.


In order to get the best rate possible, this plugin uses an advanced 4d box packer to fit items in the smallest box getting the best FlavorCloud Shipping rates.

FlavorCloud and Woocommerce Plugin Features

Everything you need to get started using FlavorCloud on one of the most used ecommerce platforms WooCommerce.

  1. Enable / Disable specific shipping methods
  2. Change shipping method labels
  3. Supports WooCommerce shipping zones
  4. Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions
  5. Built in cache (1h) for faster shipping method retrieval
  6. Enable / Disable Tax and Duties
  7. 4D Box Packing algorithm included
  8. Print Shipping Labels
  9. Print Customs Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please Contact Us

Please make sure that the API credentials are added to the plugin settings WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Flavor Cloud Settings.

Next check if the that the FlavorCloud shipping method is added to your WooCommerce Shipping zones.

Go to the single product page (of each product) and check if the weight and size are filled out and that the following fields are filled in under the "Inventory" tab:

  • Country of origin (where the item is made)
  • HS Code (this is a customs code and it is very important to get it right, it must be 6 digits) You can use this site to get the correct code for your item
  • Material

To enable Tax and Duties please go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Flavor Cloud Settings and set the Terms Of Trade to Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

To change a shipping method label please go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Flavor Cloud Settings and update Standard Label or Express Label

To disable a shipping method from displaying ( Standard or Express) please go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Flavor Cloud Settings

HS codes, accepted by the majority of nations around the world, are identification codes given to goods for use in international trade. Flavor Cloud Shipping For Woocommerce supports only a 6 digit HS Code ex:847710 NOT 8477.10 , that can be found here

FlavorCloud Shipping For Woocommerce uses the Woocommerce Shiping Zones. Please go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping zones create or select the zone you want to add FlavorCloud shipping to. Then click on Add shipping and select "FlavorCloud Shipping Method"


Mathey D - March 13, 2022

Now i can ship internationally!

Daniell - May 3, 2022

Great plugin, exactly what I needed. Support was also great and helped me with a few issues quickly and professionally.

Oliver C - July 15, 2022

Product works as expected and allows us to internationally (which our customers love). Easy to install and the support is fantastic!

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Easily integrate the FlavorCloud Shipping API with your WooCommerce store.Supports LIVE international shipping rates via the FlavorCloud API.

  • Last update:
    25 Sep 2023
  • Version:
    1.3.0 - ChangeLog
  • Support:
    1-year support
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.4 + WooCommerce 5 + PHP 8.0 +