Hidden link Products For WooCommerce


Make Your Hiden WooCommerce Products Visible With A Link!

You can completely hide products from the Shop Page and make them accessible only by a special link. Or, you can remove the Add to Cart Button so that products are visible, but not purchasable – unless a special link is used. Compatible with Woocommerce v3+

One time fee of $24.99

A lot simpler to use than the built in password protection on WordPress.



Simple and easy to use settings panel, set it and forget it. No coding required!

Great for Marketing

Are you running a marketing campaign on a product? Or maybe you want to send a link just to your loyal customers for purchase?


If you want products to be visible but non purchasable unless a special link is used. 


Hidden link Products For WooCommerce is very easy to use, on each product this plugin will add a few new fields pictured below. Once “hide this product” is checked you can enter a URL variable that will allow users to view and purchase this product. The product will also be removed from the shop , archive and search pages. If accessed via the wrong URL a 404 Page will display. You also have the option to hide just the add to cart button unless the special link is used.

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