WooCommerce AI Suggested Products


How it works

Woocommerce AI Suggested Products scans your existing orders and learns what products are likely to be purchased together. The more existing orders you have the better the predictions are. When a customer add’s an item to the cart, the cart item’s will be processed and predictions of what product the customer is likely to purchase made.

Can be displayed on

Woocommerce AI Suggested Products can be added to the Cart, Checkout and Single product page. We also offer a widget that can be displayed on any other page.

Cart Page
Checkout Page
Single Product Page
As a Widget

Joesph - October 21, 2019

Thank you for this amazing plugin! Boosted my sales and all i had to do is activate it.

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Boost your sales by harnessing the power of artificial inelegance. Woocommerce AI Suggested Products suggests products to customers based on what they currently have in the cart and past orders made by your customers.

  • Last update:
    17 Oct 2020
  • Version:
    1.2 - ChangeLog
  • Support:
    1-year support
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.4 + WooCommerce 3 + PHP 7.4 +