Remove Free Shipping On Specific Coupons For Woocommerce

Woocommerce v3+

Easily Remove the free shipping options on order that use a specific coupon. This is useful when you want to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount (ex:$99) but only when a specific coupon is not used. Compatible with Woocommerce 3+

One time fee of $24.99

Does what it says.



Simple and easy to use settings panel, set it and forget it. No coding required!

Dynamic Free Shipping

Sometimes shipping is not cheap, if a customer decides to use a specific coupon this will remove the free shipping option.

Shipping Plugin Support

This plugin supports Most Woocommerce Shipping plugins.


Remove Free Shipping On Specific Coupons For Woocommerce is easy to use, on each coupon the plugins adds a checkbox “Disable Free Shipping”. When checked, anyone who uses this coupon will have free shipping removed from the shipping options on the Cart and Checkout pages.

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