WooCommerce Subscription Renewal Reminder


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WooCommerce Subscription Renewal Reminder can be set how many days ahead to send the reminder emails as well as recipient, title and body of the renewal reminder email. The default store email template is used.


Simple and easy to use settings panel, set it and forget it. No coding required!


Tested and optimized – Works with WooCommerce v3+. If you have any issues please contact us.


Give your customers a notification BEFORE the renewal is do, so they can update payment information if necessary.

Plugin Features:

This plugin includes all you need to get started using FlavorCloud on your WooCommerce Shop. Live Rates, Tax and Duties, Advanced 4D Box Packer, Print label and required documents right from the edit order screen.
  1. NEW: Option to only send an email if the payment method expires before the subscription is renewed.
  2. Options to disable Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly renewals
  3. Edit Email Template using built in WooCommerce functionality
  4. Set how many days to send an email before the subscription expires.
  5. Ability to skip overdue reminder emails (if you have many subscribers and are just activating the plugin)
  6. This plugin uses the WordPress Action Scheduler for best results
  7. Add CC & BCC for the renewal email

WooCommerce Email Template

WooCommerce Subscription Renewal Reminder is fully integrated with the woocommerce email template system. This allows you to easily override the reminder email template in your theme.

Default email template for the WooCommerce Subscription Renewal Reminder email. Colors and logo will display according to your WooCommerce settings.


Lucas - September 21, 2020

Saved me a lot of headaches with yearly renewals on my site, woocommerce subscriptions does not include renewal reminders!

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Ideal for websites who want to remind subscribers that their subscription is about to expire. Woocommerce subscriptions is required in order to use this plugin. Simple and easy to use, compatible with Woocommerce v3+ and PHP 8.0 Compatible.

  • Last update:
    20 Jul 2022
  • Version:
    1.7 - ChangeLog
  • Support:
    1-year support
  • Compatibility:
    WordPress 5.0 + WooCommerce 3.6 + PHP 7.4 +